Is Buying an Apartment in Trivandrum is a Future investment


Presently both the ventures have a few benefits and negative marks , however there are a few points and factors which ought to be considered Serviced Apartments for sale in Trivandrum before putting resources into any of the property with the goal that the decision you influenced will to identify with your necessities and you don’t lament later.


  • Security :- Since a plot of land is outside any secured camous it is increasingly inclined to robbery , vandalism and different Apartments for sale in Trivandrum, risks and furthermore you have to put seperately in the security factor. Be that as it may, a condo is in a secured grounds with gatekeepers and other security and consequently are moderately secure.
  • Credits and Financial Assistance :- It is simpler to get an advance for a condo and a few banks give numerous choices on advances to browse . Be that as it may, if there should arise an occurrence of plot one must be monetarily stable to get a credit as banks don’t offer advances on plots effectively . The procedure is dreary. Likewise the related duty benifits are exposed to the fulfillment of development on that plot of land.
  • Cost :- While the expense of both relies upon the area , accessibility and size yet if there should arise an occurrence of loft in some cases another consider comes play and that is the designers mark .
  • Adaptability Of Construction and Modification :- While purchasing a plot you have the flexibilty of the sort of development Real Estate Investment in Trivandrum you require according to your necessities additionally you can roll out any improvements whenever in future . Be that as it may, in a loft you don’t get it entirely according to your necessities and furthermore there is restricted choices of any alterations if necessary in future.



  • Dangers :- While purchasing a plot of land includes taking clearances from government and numerous other desk work . While in a loft every one of these works are finished by the designer and you simply need to purchase the house. Additionally if there should arise an occurrence of land on the off chance that it gets into some sort of suits, it sets aside an excess of opportunity to leave it.
  • Esteem Appreciation :- Space is a limitation in todays world and land is a constrained asset in this way estimation of land acknowledges a lot quicker than that of a loft of same measurement in same span. Another purpose behind moderate valuation for loft is that it has a restricted life expectancy.

These are the some reasons why a buying an apartment in Trivandrum is way more than a plan for futuristic.

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