Know The Different Types Of Components of Pallet Rack

Pallet racking systems are used in warehouses for the purpose of storage. This racking system has got its name because of its design and functionality. The materials, that need storage, are stored on the skids crafted on the racks. It is due to such quality that pallet rack got this name.

However, in various sizes the racking may be found in labs, libraries, and retail stores. In warehouses, fork lift trucks are used to load the products on the skids of the pallet racks. Learn more about racking shelving online.

Components of pallet racks

Like any other product, warehouse racking is also designed with help of the different components. Basically, Pallet Racks are of two types: structural and roll formed. The structural pallet racks have horizontal load beams that are affixed with upright columns with bolts. It renders it increased weight holding capacity. The roll formed racks are designed in teardrop style.

Structural and roll formed both are the types of most common Pallet Rack Beams system, and that is selective pallet racks. Mentioned below are the various components of selective pallet racking systems.

  1. Load beams: These load beams are an integral supporting structure for the racks. The beams help the products to be loaded on the racks horizontally.
  • Braces: They are responsible for the strength and firmness of the pallet racks. They are fixed between the two upright columns.
  • Upright frames: They are actually vertical beams, which are responsible for forming the walls of the pallet racking systems. Upright frames are connected with load beams with the help bolts and holes.
  • Wire decks: Wire decking is required in a pallet racking system for increasing its safety for the storage of goods. The wired decking will be found on the horizontal columns of the racks that holds the products firmly in the racks. One can find a wire mesh design in wire decking, which is more common in selective racking system.
  • Foot plates: Also known as face plates, act as an anchor for the racking systems.
  • Shims: They rest on irregular floors, and used to provide uniformity to the pallet racking system.
  • Guard rails: They are used for the maximum protection of upright columns. They are required for the safety of people working with them.

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