Know what Important Roles Jack Posts and Steel Columns Serve in Building Construction

As the commercial industry is booming with growth, the business organizations are in need of building firm structures that can carry on their legacy years after years. Eliminating the structural defect, the contractors make sure that only quality products are used. Considering this vital aspect of structures, companies like Quality Way Products have emerged to offer support posts or columns that serve the basic need of a building.

Services Offered by Quality Way Products

Understanding how difficult it is to find reliable construction components for building a functional building, the manufacturing company is providing an impeccable service. From offering a wide range of support poles to the installation guide, Quality Way Products has mastered guarantee you a professional service.

  • Qwik-adjust columns
  • Qwik-fixed posts
  • Telescopic qwik-jack
  • Cap styles and specs

For gathering further information, you can dial the toll-free number and purchase the required products as per your convenience.

Know Everything about a Jack Post

The function of the jack posts involves adjusting the level of beams and floors while building a new structure or remodeling the old one. Few of the posts are utilized for full basements or crawl spaces; however, in every style, there are bottomplates and top plates along with a lengthy alterable screw bolt.  Following are the few types of jack post that you may come handy for you,

  • Red-I-posts
  • Screw jacks
  • Lally column
  • Structural column and pier
  • Steel columns

The jack posts require to be assembled and they completely adjustable along with nut and bolt for maintaining the safety and strength. In order to minimize the chance of damaging a concrete floor or destroying the lumber, ½ of steel plate needs to be allocated beneath the ceiling joist. It also functions as a temporary support pole.

Why do you need Steel Column?

In the steel frame construction, steel column is required and the part of the steel is dependent on the load levied. This product comes in different sizes and they are manufactured in advance, generally. The link between splices in columns and foundation is the fascinating aspect about the column installation.

The base plates are fused at the end of the columns and customers usually prefer rectangular and square shapes for the base plate. You should know that these plates come with the colossal bolts that are very much wanted for executing tasks.

  • The gap between the column splice and the floor is conventionally 60 cm.
  • At the time of using circular steel columns, the fused connection is utilized for joining two columns below and above.
  • For simplifying the column production and delivery, the column splices should e place in each 2-3 storey for easing the erection procedure.
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