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At Feenix language Translation, we tend to square measure driven by the basic belief that translation is all regarding culturally connecting with the facility of clarity. we tend to believe the facility of language comes out of ability to travel on the far side words and translate not solely your words, however conjointly your message, your tone, your unostentatious meanings and styles. Our services comprehend Content Development, Translation and Localization of all technical and non-technical documents, from any language to any language Translation in Bangalore. Our services square measure homeward-bound to satisfy business wants and so we tend to impanel not simply native translators however conjointly professionals World Health Organization square measure updated on business trends in their specialized space.

Translation is the transfer of meaning of written text from one language to another. Our translation services extend worldwide.

We are one the most respected Language Service Provider in Bangalore, Bengaluru India. we provide quality translation and localization service at very affordable price. To ensure the best quality service we follow strict translation methodology. Our translation team has worked on thousands of foreign language documents. We have translated online and offline documents from wide range of fields including:

Document Translation Services

Software Translation and Localization

Marketing Document Translation Services

Medical Document Translation Services

Legal Document Translation Services

Financial Document Translation Services

Technical Document Translation Services

Patent Translation Services

Literature, E-Learning, Tourism and Other Documents Translation

We have expertise in translations and localization services in about more than 150 languages. You are at the right place for Quality services at Economical Prices !

We like to partner for your translation needs and provide one-stop solution.

We take pride to have largest pool of Native and Indian translators with more than 5000 language experts. Our professional, accurate and timely services have ensured that we make a good relationship with our clients and we are retained by them for their language and communications needs.

We use only professional human translators for all document translations. All our translators are either native or possessing more than 5 years of experience. Thus we ensure the highest translation and localization quality. We are sure that our translation services will bring you back to us for more and more work.

Our translated documents read and edited by at least 2 individuals to ensure accuracy. We deliver translated text as per our clients’ deadlines .

Our Translators have a profound cultural and linguistic background in the target language. Any kind of text can be filled with idioms, allusions, puns, metaphors or phrases that don’t translate directly into the target language. For this reason our translators are native speakers with degree in linguistics. Our language specialists will provide you with the most professional business translation services available.

All of our translators and interpreters are bound by strict confidentiality agreements.

English translations: translation, post-editing, and back translationTake advantage of our virtual team, selected from India’s huge pool of English-educated foreign-language specialists, to handle your requirements for bulk translation into English from German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, at unbeatable rates. This service is perfect for large document sets such as arise in cross-border litigation and M&A and other transactions. We can apply a variety of automations to further reduce unit costs.





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