Lead Alloy Company in Bangalore – Right Destination to Buy Lead Alloys

If searching for lead alloy suppliers in India then you search will end here since Evershine Smelting Alloy is among top lead alloy suppliers in Bangalore and in India. Our aim here will be to explore some of the primary products they sell.

Products Offered by Lead alloy Company in Bangalore – Evershine Smelting Alloy

Red Lead

We are the top red lead suppliers in India. The good thing about red lead is that it can be used for different applications like:

Red lead can be utilized for manufacturing battery plates.

You can also use the same as coating for things like ceramics.

Ferrous metals can be protected using red lead as primer.

Lead Sub Oxide

As lead alloy suppliers Bangalore, Evershine Smelting Alloy can provide you lead sub oxide Suppliers in Bangalore which is usually produced in what are known as, ball mill plant. You will find them commonly used for preparing battery plates that use lead acid.

Some other applications of lead sub oxide are:

Electroplating anode

Liners utilized for tanks of sulphuric acid

Lead Alloys

As premier lead alloy manufacturers in Bangalore, Evershine Smelting Alloy is the right place to purchase lead alloys. The popularity of lead alloys originates from the fact that it can form alloy when it combines with different metals.

For example, you must have used soft solders while doing electrical work, which are lead tin alloys. Similarly, fusible alloys tend to be a mixture of cadmium, lead, and many other metals.


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