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There are three oxides of Lead with business applications:

Lead Sub-Oxide (2PbO.Pb.H2O), otherwise called Gray/Lead Oxide,

Litharge (PbO)

Red Lead Oxide (Pb3O4) or Lead Orthoplumbate.

The company gives comprehensive (off the shelf) solutions for the manufacturing of each of the three Lead Oxides normally named as Lead Sub Oxide (Gray Oxide/Battery Oxide), Red Lead Oxide (Lead Tetra Oxide) and Litharge Oxide with the required procedure inputs.

Sub Oxide/Gray Oxide Plant

Grey Oxide is utilized on a extensive scale for planning of plates in Lead Acid Batteries which requires production to strict determinations .Refined Lead (99.97% virtue) ingots are the required input for our LSO manufacturing plant, which utilizes the ball process. It involves a little Lead Melting Furnace, operating in accordance with a hemispherical ball-casting machine, which bolsters the balls to the ball mill .In the ball mill  process, Lead is converted to Lead Sub Oxide Suppliers in Bangalore, in an exothermic procedure, in states of a kept up temperature scope of 135-145 degrees centigrade and consistent wind stream. The Gray Oxide is reaped through a high proficiency violent wind, sack house filtration unit and acceptance draft fan game plan. It is in a grey powder form. The desired particle size and free Lead content is guaranteed through appropriate plant arrangement and exact control of ID Fan suction .The plant provided by Gravita can deliver up to 350 work estimate LSO powder, be designed for any coveted creation limit and finish with the required accessories and material handling systems.

LSO Typical Specifications


Color : Blackish to Greenish Gray

Gem Structure: Tetragonal

Spot:     1.4 – 1.6

Retention on 63 micron (max%):6

Retention on 325 work %):          8

Water Absorption mg/gm):        110-120

Corrosive Absorption mg/gm):  160-200

Free Lead (% Max):         25-40

Lead Monoxide (%):       60-75

Ever shine Smelting Alloy Pvt Ltd. is profoundly engaged with manufacturing a world class cluster of Pure Lead. These items are known for accurate composition and and cost-adequacy.



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