Leading Lead Alloy Manufacturers & Suppliers in Bangalore, India

Lead alloy Company in Bangalore

A premier in alloy industry, Evershinealloy is one of the leading alloy suppliers in the market. Evershinealloy has built its exceptional presence in the alloy industry. Established in the year 1983, Evershine alloy has made a niche in the alloy market by delivering the best quality service and satisfied numerous clients. Evershinealloy is a sole proprietorship owned firm exceedingly respected for quality of products using state of the art technology. As pure lead manufacturers and suppliers in Bangalore, India, Evershinealloy uses PyroMetallurgical technology to manufacture purest lead bars made with lead waste and also raw lead bullions.

With a numerous option in the alloy, Evershinealloy has a huge collection of alloy items such as Pure Lead, Pure Lead raw materials, Lead alloy, Red Lead, Lead sub Oxide, Soldier Bars, Battery Scrap Recycling, Solder bars, Tin ingots, Zinc ingots and Calcium Alloy. Apart from the alloy products, Evershinealloy also undertakes installation and maintenance projects to service the different types of needs of clients. We source our raw materials from the best in the industry such as Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India (MMTC), Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) and other local sources.

As a company valued on the principles of providing excellent quality and innovative alloy engineering, we have a team of highly talented and experienced group of professionals. Our team consists of generation specialists, designers, quality controllers, creation workforce, innovative work staff, engineers, specialist co-ops and some more.

Being an industry expert, Evershinealloy prides in working with different types of clients. We have made many clients satisfied with our product and service delivery making remarkable distinction in design execution, vitality, effectiveness, ideal quality, robustness, dependability and smooth tasks. To adapt to the latest challenges of the technology and alloy industry, Evershinealloy have upgraded to innovative technology with propelled generation dexterity and strategies.

Few years ago lead was considered waste.  Today people have realised the right use of lead. It is used in the production of alloy, coloring compounds, batteries, against radioactive radiation, protective shield for wires and also soldiers for electric welding. As a leading alloy companies in India, all of Evershinealloy’s products are superior quality. It has better heat conductivity, anti-corrosive properties and is much lighter making it the best option for industry use. We use the best process such as high-tech casting. Ordinary alloys are largely corrosion-resistant and also prone to other galvanic corrosion. But Evershinealloy’s superior engineering ensures alloys we manufacture do not have such difficulty. We have worked to make our alloy better and enhance performance by manipulating handling and suspension.


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