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We work as per our client’s requirements but never shy away from giving out advice too. We know that it is the grandest part of your life and we can help you make it even grander.


As humans, we celebrate even the smallest things in life thus, when there comes the time for some big celebrations; we never forget to make it grand. Whether it is a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary or any other function; we like to invite people in to become a part of our celebration. However, when organizing a special function, the key factor that most of the people consider is the costing as throwing a wedding party can turn out to be an expensive affair given that it is the most auspicious moments of a man’s and woman’s life. Weddings are all about enthusiasm and dramatization and it requires a perfect venue where people can gather and enjoy the party, providing their blessings to the bride and groom. The venue is the most important factor when it comes to planning a party like a wedding or an anniversary. Apart from the venue comes the need of a good event management team who can look after all the dealings related to catering, decorations and more. Overall, if you are poor at party planning, then you are probably going require someone who can assist you with choices and can better your judgment when it comes to organizing a party. Manukau Event Center in Auckland offers the grandest venue for your celebrations.

We are a renowned event management company from Auckland who with our expert staffs organizes weddings and events. We have so far organized more than 215 functions and events in which most of them were weddings. When it comes to the Wedding Venues Manukau, Manukau Event Center is a perfect blend of a spacious and well-organized building which is capable of organizing any type event from weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties and other functions. You name it and we will help you organize it. Apart from hosting parties, we also provide our services in catering and decorating for all types of functions and events. We are known for providing the Best Wedding Venue in Auckland where we have hosted hundreds of weddings. Our Wedding Halls have witnessed marriages of different ethnicity and culture. From organizing wedding receptions to Pacific island weddings and Indian weddings, we have gained experience by organizing weddings of different culture and it has provided us the opportunity to be a part of the auspicious moments. If you are planning the summer wedding, we can help you organize it without burning a hole in your pocket.

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