Marvel Confirms Namor as the Primary Antagonist in Black Panther 2

Once again the winds are blowing from the fictional country of Wakanda as Marvel has officially confirmed the inclusion of Namor in the sequel of Black Panther. Opposite to the rumors which claimed Killmongers’ return, Namor, the submariner, is ready to become a part of the rapidly growing Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We remember Kevin Feige had hinted towards the development of Black Panther 2 at San Diego Comic-Con, however, nothing was officially declared about the storyline including villainous characters. Knowing regarding Namor’s arrival, the fans are quite excited to hear more about the sequel. Unaware of the storyline, we can only assume the technologically advanced state of Wakanda may come under attack by Namor and T’Challa would be forced to defend his homeland against the external threat.

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There is a huge possibility of the king of the underwater world waging a war against the inhabitants of Wakanda to gain the sophisticated technology which had been kept hidden by the rest of the world for centuries. Assuming this scenario sounds to be quite realistic as Black Panther believes in peace and is totally against using the rare technology for the purpose of subduing somebody. It seems like Marvel’s decision to introduce Namor in MCU is more or less inspired by Aquaman’s appearance on the screen. Whatever the reason is, the fans are absolutely thrilled and impatient to see T’Challa smashing the opponents with Avengers Infinity War Black Panther Leather Jacket covering his body.

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