Need help in welding? We are here to help not only with welding but also in metal fabrication, steel supply and other metals related work.

As the name, Iron Mann Industries says it all, we offer services like welding, drilling, metal working, fabrication, steel supply, hand rails MI etc. Metals and welding has provided a stable base to the buildings as it is important for them to stand tall and stable even in case of natural disasters. Moreover, every structure, oil rigs, ships, etc uses various form of welding and metal work. Welding is the process of joining materials, such as metals, by causing fusion. Metal fabrication and welding are now being used in day to day life, be it in case of grills, windows or in any building. These processes have taken metal industries, automobile and construction industriesto another level. Metal fabrication involves building of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes. We also have expertise in casting, powder coating, machining. Our fabricators know how to weld properly using different techniques to make fabricators last longer.

We work not only as metal fabricator but also as steel suppliers and are working in this for many years now. We can also provide you with high quality of steel and services like onsite welding. We also work as custom trailer manufacturers making trailers of different shapes and sizes, consisting of different steps and work. We are a team of highly qualified and skilled workers who to make their work look beautiful and last longer. If you are looking for some solid metal fabricated products then we are here to provide you with the best of what you want. Powder coating is also done on the products as this coating is much thicker than any other coating and there are chances of wide range of specialty effects to be easily accomplished using this coating. We not only do the custom work but also provide you with preventive maintenance. We are here to work with full dedication and provide you with precisely what you have thought to get.

We are working not only in welding sector but as a good package of steel suppliers and other metals related works. Each sector in this work knows how to do their work perfectly even if it is the toughest task to do. Our workers know exactly how to satisfy the customer and fulfill the customer demands.We are 6G certified welders above ground, below ground or inside your building. We have the capability to get your job done with full customer satisfaction.

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