New FINRA Case Proves Why Financial Companies Should Record Mobile Messages


Aegis Capital Corporation employee Paul Anthony Falcon caused a million dollars worth of charges from an arbitration case filed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The claimant in the allegations said that Falcon has been unethical to most of the investors that trusted their capital with him.

Some of Falcon’s violations are failure to treat claimants equitably, negligence, breach of contract, negligent supervision, breach of fiduciary duty, and abuse of the Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act. Falcon has also been known for falsifying investments to gain interest.

Most of the arbitration cases filed against Aegis and Falcon were because of his illicit misconduct. The worst part is Falcon has a history of misconduct since 1999. If you are one of Falcon’s victims, you can file an arbitration case to have a settlement claim. Falcon is not the first of his kind.

If you have a business, you would never know if your next employee and client will do illicit acts that can bring your company down. One way of having a substantial shred of evidence for your case is recording text messages. Recording mobile messages can be useful to take the culprit.

This infographic from TeleMessage explains why you should record mobile messages for evidence.


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