Open house cleaning services by PCC Cleaning

Post construction cleaning is a very crucial task and is recommended that every homeowner, whether he/she bought a new-build home or just completed the renovation of their old house, to clean it properly before moving in for the sake of their and their family’s health. Construction of a building brings dust; dirt and debris inside the house and sometimes it becomes difficult to remove it as with time it gets attached to the surface. Thus, hiring a professional cleaning service provider is a smart thing to do. When it comes to professionals, PSS Cleaning Services is a renowned post renovation cleaning service provider based in Vancouver. We offer cleaning services for both residential as well as commercial buildings like houses and office spaces. Dirt buildup is a normal thing in places where construction materials like cement, adhesives, paints, etc are stored and used on a regular basis.

We possess a team of well-trained staff who will go through all the spaces and corners of your house to make it crystal clear. Moreover, Post Construction Cleaning Services Vancouver uses eco-friendly cleaning materials which are effective enough to combat all types of dirt and dust including cement, paint spots, dirt buildup on the windows and more. Stained windows are caused due to dirt getting disposed on its surface and environmental conditions like rain and humidity anchor it to get thicker and hard, making it difficult to remove. And this is a serious issue, especially with commercial buildings. We with our regular cleaning services can maintain the display of your office building.

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