Pedal for better health

Ladies bikes are design, build frames with women-specific geometry. These designs are confirmed on the bases of  research and data collected into the average female body. Ladies bike riding helps women to add a fitness activity in our life even when you think you don’t have time for a workout. Than “You get the same cardiovascular benefits from cycling that you get from any other form of aerobic exercise—walking, jogging or dancing,” also builds women muscles get a boost, too by riding ladies bike. Bike riding strengthens thighs, hips and muscles. If our route includes climbing hills, your arms and upper body will benefit as you stand to pedal. Also cycling is gentle on your joints and helps preserve cartilage. It’s beneficial for women who suffer from muscle strain, foot problems, knee troubles, back pain or any other injuries caused by running, jogging or walking. Cycling helps women to:

                                                            * Build self – esteem and confidence

                                                            *  Improves social life

                                                            *  Improves mental health and wellbeing

Riding a bike in any age can be enormous confidence boosters for women of all ages. Cycling fits very well into busy family lives. Women are often the care givers and make more short trips compare to men. Especially in urban areas, cycling can enable these short trips to be made more quickly and easily by bike: it’s often easier to move around congested town  on two-wheels than four. Alloy ladies bike, regardless of construction style, these bike is more susceptible to riding stresses than steel frames, though they may still last several years. Some parts, such as stems, cranks and handlebars, are commonly used on alloy bikes instead of steel parts to reduce weight and prevent rusting. Alloy ladies bike look and comfort is better than steel bike. They provide better braking performance and decrease the risk of brake failure because alloy dissipate heat better than steel wheels.

Many country offers use of bike as mode of transport an important mode of transport in developing countries. Ladies bike are the most frequently used method of transport for commuting to ladies work, school, shopping, and life in general. In some countries bicycles are commonly used, They also offer a degree of exercise to keep individual fit and healthy.

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