perception and supportability is the best tarot card reader which helps their clients come out with the stress and problems and known as spiritualist.

There are many types of psychic skills, but here two skills are discussed in brief which is perception and support skills. Nowadays, psychic phone readings are also available which is used for the advanced purpose.

Perception skills include precognition, retrocognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, viewing remotely, aura view, Astral projection, dowsing and pending, wards and shielding.

Precognition is all about having the future’s vision in front of your eyes or it is simply knowing about future happenings. This is done by readers also known as spiritualist. Retrocognition is just similar to precognition, the only difference is that you will see the past instead of the future.

Clairyonce is the skill to visualize things without eyes which is real and within inside view with your conscious. Clairaudience is just similar to clairvoyance, the difference is just you will hear things not see which cannot hear normally but you will hear of your own self from a mind.

Clairsentience is a skill to sense some energies which is the most famous ability among all energy works. Psychometry is the combination of clairyonce, clairaudience, and clairsentience which is used to get some information from physical objects such as tables, pens, pencils or building.

Viewing remotely is another combination of clairs abilities which is used to get a physical object with contact physically without using senses. Aura view is an ability to see energy or aura across the person which is another form of clairvoyance.

Astral projection is a skill used to leave your body with exploring planes astrally. Pendling and dowsing is an ability to sense some psychic energies around the devices such as pendulum or rods.

Wards and shielding is an ability to set the shield and defense skill and developing areas or rooms to prevent scary things.

Now, the other is a support which includes triggering, meditation, visualization, lucid dreaming.

Support skills

Meditation is used for relaxing your mind with the prevention of all stress and tension aside. Everyone nowadays knows about meditation which is used for supporting your mental and psychic skill. Lucid dreaming comes between meditation and astral projection to control your dreams. This is the skill to learn the control of your mind mentally by both conscious and unconscious.

Visualization is the skill to imagine things in your mind which is useful for everything. Other skills are also there which is the combination of above all skills described in details.

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