Poker is a sociable game that uses the mind to play tactics and win the pot containing the bets of the other players. The individual will convince the other players that he got the best hands so that they will “fold.” When co-competitors fold, that’s when the time there will be one winner. This objective is what most people are after to win the jackpot prize – which sums up the whole wager of the players.

The origin of the game began in the ancestors who lived in Europe, the Middle East, and China. The earliest form of poker was called “Poque” played in gambling dens in New Orleans – which means “time.” It is a French parlor game imported to New Orleans by sailors and traders. Poker only used to be a regional game in saloons that soon arrived in Louisiana before it became a part of the United States. The city was first controlled by the French colony and was rapidly came under Spanish rule in the late 1700s in 1801. 

Amidst the mid-1800s, more and more people are getting hooked on the game, because of the satisfaction after receiving the prize. In no time, the development of the playing card was achieved and the number of players continuously increased up until now.

At present, over 100 million people are playing poker for a year. 40 million is the official stats of individuals playing poker regularly – 6.8% of them is adult, 10.1% is an American citizen, 2.6% plays online for real money, and 1.4% play online for real money at least once a month (  

In case you wanted to play but is still confused with all the terminologies, slangs and how you will be able to ace the game and keep winning, Chezacash, the most known company in sports betting Kenya and live betting Kenya, created an infographic with all the Poker jargons you should learn.

Learning these vocabularies is compulsory because you’ll be hearing more when you began to play with the pros:

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