Polymer Limestone Balustrade Proven Cost Effective for Your Home

There are a number of different materials that are used inĀ balustradesĀ and handrails. These days polymer limestone balustrade is popular among the people due its quality and credibility.

There are a range of materials that are used in rails and handrails. If the balustrade is exterior like fencing a porch, roof or any open space then the material used is concrete. Concrete can stand up to the weather and will not get destroyed. There are a number of diverse designs that are used in making railings. The balustrades are typically cast in a shape using a mold. This is done so that all the handrails look alike. A rail is fitted on top of the balustrades.

If the balustrades are to be fitted inside a building, like lining a stairway ten different materials can be used. Usually hard material is used on handrails that line a staircase. The handrail is also made out of polymer limestone, wood, steel and other material. Balustrades manufacture from cast iron or wrought iron have a fancy design. The design is selected by the home owner or by the designer. The design depends on the theme of the building.

Polymer limestone composite balustrade is also used nowadays to make your exterior more attractive. Cast stone, polymer stone and plaster is also used to make railings and handrails. In some buildings marble has also been used to make guardrails. Marble is very costly and is only used in palatial buildings.

The use of polycast limestone composite balustrade rails has also reduced the cost of construction. People have become mindful about saving the environment and therefore the use of limestone is frowned upon by some people. The use of polyurethane and polymers has increased. The material is inexpensive and can be made into very beautiful designs for balustrades. Most contemporary buildings have polyurethane balustrades as they perfectly match with the design of the building.

No one is pretty sure about the history of balustrades and who first used them. The most common shape in balustrades has been the parallelogram shape which resembles an egg. Brass and bronze has also been used in balustrades and handrails. They require cleaning and polishing frequently and are very costly. Brass is used in rails as it has a shining golden color.

The design of the railings and balustrades depends on the design and construction of the building or house. People usually don’t give much thought to the design of balustrade rail system and it’s the architect who chooses the design. Limestone used in balustrades and handrails has to be well seasoned and should not warp or get misshapen or cracked. Limestonehas been the material that has been used the most for interior balustrades and hand rails in homes.

The writer has enough knowledge about the materials of balustrades and handrails and also help you choose the best material.

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