Post Your Complaint On IndianMoney If Your Income Tax Refund Is Delayed

What to do if there is a delay in getting income tax refund? Let us find out the details in the next few sections of this Indian Money company reviews.

Reasons for delay in the income tax refund

  1. Mismatch in TDS data

According to Indian money review, the income tax refund will be delayed if the TDS details in your form do not match data with the Income Tax Department (Form 26AS). So, it’s advisable to verify the TDS details before form submission.

  1. Error in the bank account details

To receive direct credit of refunds, you are required to give bank account number and MICR. Indian Money company warns that your refund will be stuck if there is an error in the details provided.

  1. A large number of TDS entries

As per IndianMoney Bangalore, your assessment might take longer if there are lots of TDS entries. In such a case, your refund would be delayed.

IndianMoney complaints portal says if you have not received income tax refund even after waiting for many days, you must submit a written complaint to the income tax officer.

If your complaint has been rejected by the officer, or if you have not received any reply within 30 days, or if the complaint is not properly looked into, you can contact the Income Tax Ombudsman and raise your complaint. Bangalore suggests that you must approach the Income Tax Ombudsman within a year, after waiting for 30-days to receive a response from the I-T official.


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