Practices to avoid after having a facial

heal-facialYou really can’t splurge as much as $388 on an award-winning facial treatment, and then ruin it’s effectjust because you couldn’t resist those bad habits. Here are six practices to avoid, at least for a day or more after the facial has been gotten:

Popping blackheads. As much as facials work wonders, they can’t magically erase blackheads. When you get a facial done and you discover that those little blackheads are still appearing on your face, just avoid and ignore them. Popping blackheads usually lead to irritation or scarring, which is practically the opposite of what a facial tries to achieve.

Applying heavy makeup. The aim of a facial is to open up your pores more, in order to eradicate and minimize clogging. The after facialredness might seem annoying, just don’t forget that your opened pores after a facial make your skin more susceptible to bacteria and applying heavy makeup is one way to expose yourself to germs.

Using more steam. Most facials involve the use of steam to open up the pores. Exposing yourself to more steamlike from the sauna is a recipe for sensitivity or broken capillaries and this is not just risky for your physical appearance but also for the effectiveness of your school.

Engaging in strenuous activities that can make you sweat. Engaging in activities like a workout can increase the level of heat the body feels andthis trigger sweat, both of which can be irritating to a skin that has just gotten exfoliated during a facial.

Sunbathing. Usually, it is advisable to reduce exposure to the sun and it’s rays as much as possible. Due to constant exposure to the sun’s rays, the skin can suffer a massive loss of moisture thereby increasing chances of having breaks, sagging skin,anddry skin. Exposure can also cause sunburn and cancer. An exfoliated skin is however more sensitive and vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays. This means that, chances of facing problems like having cancer become higher when you expose your skin to the sun too much after exfoliating.

Breaking your aesthetician’s rules. It’s the duty of your aesthetician to find out what treatment is perfect for your skin type and what measures to take in order to keep your skin healthy after you have done the facial. Following your aesthetician’s instructions on treatments recommended for you and habits to adopt in regards to your skin, is a good choice.

Avoiding these practices will allow the facial to perform it’s work properly and will help you realize that the Bellezza Aesthetics reviews you read a couple of days ago actually wasn’t bad.

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