Pre–engineered Building Systems in Gurgaon A Promising Future

Pre-engineered steel buildings systems” are those which are fully fabricated in the factory after
designing, shipped to site in completely knocked down condition; and all components are assembled and
erected at site with nut-bolts, thereby reducing the time of completion.

Pre–engineered building systems means, generally speaking, is any part of a structure that is
manufactured prior to its arrival on the building site. The concept of the pre-engineered building
(PEB) is one where the fabrication is completed in a controlled environment with the latest
technology, and then subsequent erection is carried out.


Though initially only off the shelf product was available in these configurations aided by the
technological development tailor made solutions are also made using this technology in very short

The designs were ready-made but the building components were either ready-made or manufactured
against specific orders. These pre engineered buildings were pre-designed or ‘pre-engineered’ into
standard sizes, spans, bays and heights, and use standard details for fixing cladding, roofing,
gutters, flashing, windows, doors etc taking advantage of industrial practices of mass production of
components economically.

Although Pre–engineered building systems in gurgaon are extensively used in industrial and many other
nonresidential constructions worldwide, it is relatively a new concept in India. These concepts were
introduced to the Indian markets in the late 1990’s with the opening up of the economy; and a number
of multi–nationals setting up their projects. The current pre–engineered steel building manufacturing
capacity is 6.0 lac ton per annum. The industry is growing at the compound rate of 25 to 30%.

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