cctv-londonSouthern security systems are experts in installing and maintaining home CCTV systems. They have a unique blend of expertise, customer service, technical knowhow, experience, and a team of dedicated hardworking individuals. They are the best service for your home and office CCTV installation, repair and replacement.

Whether it’s in our homes or offices, we all want to feel safe and secure. There is nothing quite like the feeling of resting easy in your home, knowing that you have an armed and functional security system. Closed-Circuit television (security systems surrey) is one of the most effective security systems, where surveillance and supervision is concerned. It might have cost some money during installation (CCTV installation Services in surrey) but it is more than worth it in the long run.

Speaking of worth, everybody knows that things that have advantages also have disadvantages. And where CCTV is concerned, its cons are as worth considering as its pros. Here is a brief rundown of the pros and cons you might expect to experience when you get a CCTV security system installation.


Crime deterrent

Any house with a CCTV system is under 24 hour surveillance. Anybody who takes a single glance at the property can tell that much. This means that all actions within and around the premises are constantly monitored, including crimes. Since most criminals don’t want to get caught, they are more likely to stay away from places with CCTV. There have been countless robberies and other crimes committed where the perpetuator thought he had gotten away, only to be thwarted by irrefutable video evidence from a CCTV camera. Everyone knows this, and that’s what scares criminals away.

Evidence provision

Apart from scaring away crime, CCTV is also very effective in provision of evidence for crimes that do happen. With a functioning and properly maintained CCTV system (wireless intruder alarm system in Guildford), there can be no fuzzy or unclear details about what happens in an area. Even when there seems to be a misunderstanding about the exact details of the event, CCTV footage often becomes the arbiter of the whole situation, showing the events as the really occurred.


Unfortunately, having your surroundings constantly monitored by CCTV does have certain drawbacks. One of them is a lack of privacy. THe constant surveillance that functions to deter thieves and criminals from accessing the property and doing malicious activities also has a great impact on its owners. For starters, individuals with CCTV (best security cameras Surrey) have to live with the constant knowledge that their every action is being monitored by hidden cameras. And the last thing anyone wants is to be self-conscious in their own homes. This lack of privacy is further exaggerated when the footage has to be analysed for security reasons. There is always the chance that the cameras caught some embarrassing details about the owners’ personal lives

Owning a CCTV system has pros and cons, and even though a lack of privacy is bad, the assurance of security that the cameras provide more than make up for them.

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