Public Safety Uniforms- The equipment to prevent civil disorder

The police can also be termed as the law enforcement or uniformed person to prevent crime. Usually, policemen are said to be persons with public safety uniforms, working for the government or assigned by the state to maintain the law and order situation of the society, to protect public as well as government property and to maintain the criminal offence of the society. They are authorized by the state to provide service to the citizens of the country. They are even handed with police gear and other equipments required to carry out their service.

According to the various jurisdictions, various police officers are assigned with various equipments such as guns, rubber bullets, gas guns and handcuffs to arrest the suspected person. The most important thing assigned by the state to a person with Public Safety Uniforms is a licensed vehicle such as jeeps, car or a motor cycle. This vehicle is mainly used for patrolling. Various other equipments are also assigned to police personnel such as a stick, a whistle, a long torch and a flash light. Motorcycles with sirens are also assigned to a person with police gear to carry out raids in the areas where cars cannot reach. They are also assigned with bicycles to be in connection with the local people. These are the most necessary equipments assigned to police personnel while he is on duty.

When a police officer reaches a spot to carry out raids and patrolling without a proper uniform and equipment, it can be a very dangerous place for him. When a policeman man is on duty, he must be ready to use weapons and various other gears assigned to him. Five most important equipments that a law enforcer should have while he is on duty. First, a holster and a magazine pouch to carry a mace and a flash light. Second, professionals boots to carry a knife or a gun in it. Third, a sharp edged army knife. Fourth, a mace or a Taser to threat criminals without harming them seriously. Fifth, professional leather gloves to protect the palm. There are also certain necessary equipments a police personnel should be assigned with, depending upon the rank and the type of job they hold. Besides all these necessary equipments, a first aid kit, transport system, handguns, surveillance gears and various other necessary items are also assigned by the state for a police officer.

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