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Before buying villas plots in Jigani it will be quite important to check all the details to be sure that you are getting the right property. In this context, we will look at few of the important aspects you must check.

Eco Front Vilas and Important Aspects to Check

Avoid Legal Disputes

If there are legal disputes then it can raise questions about your ownership rights over the 3 BHK luxury villas near Jigani that you are purchasing.

Thus, you will have to consult your legal advisor to make sure there are no legal disputes for you to worry about. In this regard, you should ask the builder to provide documents that prove that he has full ownership over the land where villas have been constructed.

The Sample Flat

Many construction firms and promoters use a common tactics of convincing prospective buyers by showing what is known as the sample flat. Normally, sample flats that represent villas and plots in Bangalore have better amenities and facilities compared to actual flats.

So, you should not fall for such trap and always check the blue print of the site to be sure that what is being highlighted actually exists.

Budget Considerations

Before purchasing premium residential villas in Jigani you need to make sure it falls within your budget. Additionally, you need to aware of present market prices in the location so that you have the assurance that you are paying the right price for the villa.

Lastly, apart from price of the property, inquire about other expenses you will have to bear like:

  1. Charges for parking space
  2. Charges for club membership, etc.


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