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Plakat Terbaik Tahun 2017The materials used to create trophies
Have you ever watched a sporting event or awards show and wondered what the trophies or awards are made of? For instance, Oscar statuettes, or ‘Oscars’ as they’re better known, are made of Britannia metal which is then plated in copper, nickel silver, and lastly, 24-carat gold.

Sports trophies are also often made by the same process, but many are made differently, for example, the famous three-dimensional cast of the ‘Gladiators’, the Winfield Cup trophy, is a bronze cast, whereas the Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Trophy is a partly gilded silver salver.  Some other trophies are made with fibre (or wood). Trophy designing companies like PLAKAT AKRILIK, are quite gifted in this aspect.

Popular Materials for Trophies

Not all trophies that glitter are made of gold, and in fact, due to its high value not many trophies are actually made of gold at all, and those that do contain the precious metal are generally gold-plated, like the Oscar statuettes.

However, a variety of other materials is used in the creation of awards and trophies, including nickel alloy, glass, wood, bronze, and silver, with many modern awards and trophies featuring a plastic cast which is then plated. Another popular option is a wood base with a plastic cast on top (usually featuring a plate for engraving), and yet another option is a completely plastic trophy, also with a plate on which the award and individual’s name is engraved.

Some trophies have metal studs moulded into them to give them strength and add weight and many have gypsum injected into the base to provide further strength and additional weight

Trophy Engraving
In comparison to the rest of the process, the process of engraving trophies seems the simplest and easy to carry out, but there is a great deal of skill involved in engraving a trophy or an award, after all, there is no room for error here if the engraving is to be aesthetically pleasing. Engraving techniques for awards and trophies include rotary, hand and laser engraving.

PLAKAT AKRILIK are engraving experts and use customized methods to engrave awards and trophies of many fibre material, PLAKAT FIBER method, is top-notch and PLAKAT TROPHY are the best. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are looking to have a customized award or trophy commissioned.

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