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Before purchasing or selling a house, the clients want the inspection to be done. A home inspection is done to make the property buyer sure about the fact that the house is well equipped and in proper condition. We follow three step inspections for all the houses which are accessing the structures, components, and systems in all the portions of the house. We are in this business from last three decades and we have experienced home inspectors. Building Inspection Services Montreal is a certified home inspection company which provides full and proper inspection of the whole house.  The home inspectors of our company are qualified and have enough knowledge to carry out the inspections. They will come to your house and will inspect every portion and corner of the house to give a properly written report filled with the condition of the property. The written reports are given to the clients who then decide if they want to buy the house or not. We do inspections based on current situations so we cannot provide any guarantee for the future.

The Montreal Home Inspection services include the three-step which are:

Complete condo inspection:

During our inspection of any house, we check lockers, garages, windows, doors and all the facilities in the house. The Certified Home Inspector in Montreal will go through everything placed in the house from electrical fittings to the walls and infrastructure. We can provide you with the inspection report within 24 hours.

Pre-purchase and listing Inspection:

Even if it’s a big bungalow or a 2BHK flat we inspect every detail to make sure that the person who will purchase the property will be content. For better inspection results we click pictures of the house and attach it to our inspection report. We provide the inspection report to our customers within 24-hours of the inspection.

Pre-acceptance Inspection:

We do not just inspect but we at least spend three to four hours in the house examining the structures and components of the house properly.

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