RBIA.in Academy Review – Advantages of Studying in an IGCSE School

redbridge international academy

Redbridge International Academy is one of the leading international schools in Bangalore and reviews highlight the fact that parents are quite happy with the education school provides to its students.

Are there any advantages if you pursue IGCSE course? Here, in this Redbridge International Academy Bangalore review we will delve into features that make IGCSE curriculum a popular choice for students.

Advantages of IGCSE Curriculum

Different Options

According to Redbridge International Academy review, the positive thing about this course is that students get the opportunity to choose from over 70 electives, available in more than 20 languages. In addition, IGCSE affiliated schools offer students different subject combinations so that they can choose subjects they want to pursue.

Improved English Knowledge

According to Redbridge Academy reviews, English is the first language in IGCSE and helps students improve their grasp over the language. Due to this reason UK, Australian, and other universities do not mandate students to pass IELTS and TOEFL test if they have pursued IGCSE course.

Global Outlook

Redbridge International Academy highlights the fact that if a student pursues IGCSE, it helps them in nurturing and developing global outlook. Additionally, its aids students better understand local significance of global issues.

Better Recognition

Redbridge International school reviews show that it is a curriculum that has received recognition from different organizations and universities across the world. Moreover, IGCSE qualification is regarded as a symbol of competence and excellence.


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