RBIA Review of Value of Co-curricular Activities for Students

Is there any need for co-curricular activities in schools? What is the value of such activities? Let us explore these reasons in this RBIA.in school review.

Value of Co-curricular Activities

As per Redbridge International School reviews, there are many advantages of taking part in co-curricular activities. Let us go through the main advantages in this section.

Better Social Skills: At the time of such activities students have to take part in some task with others. These other students can be from same grade or other grades and sections. This type of participation assists in developing social skills in students.

Proper Time Management:  RBIA school reviews show that when students are taking part in these activities, they have to perform in time and this way they get to learn how to better manage time. The reason is that while doing certain tasks they have to prioritize which one to do first and helps them in gathering valuable experience in better time management.

Cultivate Multiple Interests: Schools pay more focus on these activities as it lets students cultivate multiple interests that they want to pursue.

Improve Self Esteem:  According to Redbridge International School reviews Bangalore, schools want such activities to be part of school curriculum since these activities help in development and strengthening of self esteem in students. We all know that all students are not the same academically. But, many of these students are able to perform better in their co-curricular activities and gain recognition for their efforts. Such recognition assists in developing self esteem in them.







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