Reasons why wearing a uniform is of great importance

What is meant by uniform? A uniform means a particular set of clothing which is worn by members of a particular sector or company which are indulge in performing certain activity. People who generally wear a uniform are: security guards, police officers, doctors, lawyers and many more depending upon the working sector.

The reason of wearing same dress by the employees of a particular company or members of a particular organization is so that that particular group can be identified easily by any individual. Wearing a common dress also develops a sense of commonality amongst the people.  A uniform also indicates harmony, and this practice of wearing a uniform according to the work profile is being followed through ages, from the days of Roman Empire and is still followed today.

In present times, wearing a uniform is very common among public servants such as police, security guards, armed forces etc. Wearing a uniform makes such individuals easily identified in the crowd by other citizens. Wearing a uniform is a mark of pride and also it has a binding effect of duties and responsibilities on individuals wearing them.

The question that most of us would think of is why wearing a uniform is important? There are various reasons why wearing uniform is necessary; some of them are discussed below:

  1. Demand of Industry – There is numerous industries which are focused on public dealing like mobile retail shops, restraints and hospitals. It is demanded by such industries that the workforce of the industry should look more united and eager to serve their customers and should be easily distinguished from other people. In such cases, the uniform plays an important role as the customers approach to the workforce more confidently when the workforce is wearing a pleasant and same uniform.
  2. Pride in uniform – Wearing a uniform, for example scrubs brings an honor and pride within the individual for wearing the uniform and the individual is more serious towards his job.   
  3. A feeling of equality- A uniform brings every individual to an equal platform. When a person wears a particular uniform, be it a security uniform or public safety uniform, the individual is recognized only by his uniform.
  4. Mutual caring – Individuals wearing similar uniform are generally more protective and caring for their colleagues. The individuals are not concerned about growth of themselves, but of their peers as well. When growth of every individual will take place, there would be a sense of unanimity and the results will foster the growth of the company.

Thus, a law enforcement officer would have to wear a law enforcement uniform and doctor would have to wear scrubs, security guards which are present to protect the people would have to wear a security guard uniform. The uniform distinguishes such officials from other ordinary people.

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