Reasons why you must use steel column and post in residential construction

Steel is metal, has been using in the industry of construction since years. When you are concerned with the construction process, usage of steel column and post always been the top priority as of having many reasons such as:

  1. Reliable and resourceful

Steel post and column can be assembled swiftly and efficiently in all seasons. These can be erected in minimal time rather than taking up a couple of weeks. The results will always be efficient and reliable.

  • Design friendly

While using steel in your construction process, you will realize that these can be quickly erected the areas accordingly. Besides, you will prefer to use it in different designs as these are design-friendly.


3.       Adaptable and accessible

Being a part of the modern era, user frequency expects to change the design of his building. They need walls to be revamped to give a new layout. Steel-built structures can be changed frequently without interrupting our process of the contractors.

4.       Endlessly recyclable

When you decide to use steel post and columns in your construction process, your decision is worthwhile as steel is regarded as the best metal to be recycled in beneficial ways. Moreover, the building you are going to demolish will have a steel frame, which will further make you able to earn some amount during the recycling process. The fact is, 40% of today’s new steel is already being come from recycled one.

5.       Earthquake resistance

There is no predication about the earthquakes in term of frequency, duration, magnitude, and location. Steel column and posts used in the construction of buildings will get restricted and never tilted even having the high-speed earthquakes.


6.       Fire resistance

One of the best advantages, you can get from the steel once used in the construction process is that you never need to get worried about this metal even in case of fire. These are fire resistance, which means, even fire can’t make it melted. It means, under the hard circumstances, your metal will keep durable, which will not let the building down during the existence of fire.

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