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Red Lead is a bright red to orange, red powder which is utilized as a part of influencing Lead to glass and red colors; paint made with Red Lead is generally used to shield iron and steel from rusting. Artificially, Red Lead will be Lead tetra oxide, Pb3O4, a water-insoluble aggravate that is set up by the oxidation of metallic Lead or of litharge (Lead monoxide). The business item in sometimes  contains litharge as a polluting influence.

Red Lead preliminary is one of the most established and most ordinarily utilized against erosion colors connected to metal surfaces. Orange-red in shading, Red Lead frames the prime coat for the vast majority of the biggest extensions on the planet. Red Lead Suppliers in India is additionally utilized as groundwork for the vast majority of the unpredictable steel structures of structures worked in the twentieth century. Impervious to try and salt water, Red Lead was generously connected to the structures and decks of a large number of boats. Ordinarily, 85% Red (Lead focus = 85%) was connected to these steel surfaces. Afterward, Red Lead preliminaries containing as much as 95% to 98% Lead were utilized.

Red Lead Suppliers in Bangalore is for all intents and purposes insoluble in water and liquor. Be that as it may, it is solvent in hydrochloric corrosive present in stomach, thusly it is poisonous when ingested. It breaks up in hydrochloric corrosive, cold acidic corrosive, and weakened blend of nitric corrosive and hydrogen peroxide.

Red Lead is utilized to a specific degree in the earthenware production and glass, paints and colors and explosives enterprises.

Our assembling plant for Red Lead have a Barton plant as the initial step to create messicoat. The required info is refined Lead ingots of least 99.97% immaculateness. The Barton plant yield is steered to Red Lead heater with their hardware in conjunction with a residue gathering plant, transports, processor and violent wind sack house filtration unit courses of action, coming full circle in a pressing and capacity module.


  • Chemical Formula-Pb3O4
  • Molecular Weight-686
  • Color-Red / Orange as Powder
  • Gravity-9.35 – 9.45 microns
  • Density-19 – 25 g/cc
  • Melting Point-500oC (Decomposes)
  • Solubility-Insoluble in Water & Alcohol

Applications: Red Lead is used in a wide range area

  • Red Lead is used or utilized in battery manufacture (for Battery Plates)
  • Red Lead is also used for manufacturing of Ceramics and Anti-Acid coatings.
  • Red Lead is used for the protection of ferrous metal surfaces as a Primer.
  • Red Lead is used as week oxidizer in chemical industry.

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