Redbridge International Academy Reviews ICSE Curriculum

There are multiple reasons behind popularity of ICSE curriculum and in this Redbridge International Academy review we will look at these reasons at greater depth.

RBIA school Review Bangalore of ICSE Curriculum

The good thing about ICSE curriculum is that it consists of 2 components;

First one is the internal assessment one which comprises of 20% marks as project work and rest 80% as final examination.

As per Redbridge International Academy Bangalore, the good thing about ICSE curriculum is that it makes sure everyone gets general education by making it compulsory for everyone to select up to 7 subjects. In addition, there are multiple combinations of subjects that students can select from.

More about ICSE Curriculum

According to Redbridge International school reviews ICSE curriculum recommendations provided by the New Education Policy 1986. Normally, students have to qualify in All India Board Examination when they complete 10th grade.

Most parents prefer to admit their kids to Redbridge International Academy since it is one of the very few schools in Bangalore that has received ICSE affiliation from Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and their school code is KA290.

Subject Choices

Let us look at the available subjects:

In ICSE there are compulsory subjects, science stream, commerce stream subjects, and other additional subjects such as computer, economic, commercial, environmental applications, and physical education.


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