Reliaable Dollars Collony Bangalore, the Preferred Option When You Want to Buy Luxury Villas in HSR layout

If want to own a villa with a scenic backdrop then Reliaable Dollars Collony Bangalore will be the right option for you. These villa plots are spread over a 100 acre area that apart from the villas, consists of 3 acre mini forest, parks spread over 8 acres, and landscaped lawns.

Let us look at few of the other details which make Reliaable Dollars Collony the most suitable option when you are planning to buy your dream villa.

Reliaable Dollars Collony Review

If you like things which have a large scale then Reliaable Dollars Collony will be right for you. Everything here is massive and carries a distinct grandeur of its own.

The landscaped open space at is spread over a whopping five lac square feet.

There are 5 fully-equipped outdoor gyms to ensure you do not have to wait for your turn on the treadmill.

An Amphitheater that can accommodate a large group of spectator.

Luxury Villas Plots in Bangalore

Reliaable Dollars Collony Bangalore has 115 villa plots, giving you the flexibility of choosing any villa in any location you want. In addition, it is in prime location with:

Ozone Manay tech park just 20 minutes away

Kiran Mazudar Cancer Center is only 25 minutes from Reliaable Dollars Collony

Ebenezer International School is just about 10 minutes

More supermarket is only 25 minutes away

Paradise food court is 15 minutes away so you can go for dinner with family if you do not want to cook at home after returning from office


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