Review of Pastoral Care System at RBIA School

Redbridge international school has successfully developed a pastoral policy which helps students attain academic excellence, understand how emotional experiences can be managed, and adjust to their environment.

Redbridge Academy Reviews Pastoral Care Features

RBIA School offers pastoral care to its regular and weekly boarders. Redbridge international school reviews show that their team of experienced counselors performactive monitoring for all the students studying in all grades.In this review let us now check the pastoral system RBIA has for primary and senior school.

Pastoral System – Primary School

In pastoral system for primary school, the teachers play the role of maintaining discipline and they are also take steps to enhance emotional as well as psychological well being of students.

Counselors also mentor teacher of primary school so that it becomes easier for teachers to understand needs to students.

Pastoral System – Senior School

At RBIA School, there are 4 houses into which students as well as faculty are divided and each of the houses consists of an house master or mistress. This house master or mistress gets the responsibility of implementing pastoral system in his or her respective house. In addition, every teacher is a tutor for his or her house and has to take responsibility of managing group of students who are assigned to them.

The other responsibilities that resident tutors have to take care of are supervision of study hours and meals for students, manage weekend activities, and offer academic support.

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