Robotics for kids: Understand the world around you

While technological advancements have always been at the crux of development around the world throughout the history, the last decade has seen the fastest and most impactful technical breakthroughs that have altered life in general in a profound way. This has lead to a massive surge in the STEM careers which are not only being supported but promoted by a booming technical economy.

It’s now crucial to train students for these careers of the future and make them aware of the kind of contribution they can make to the global society by means of technology innovations. Schools and teachers around the world are altering and developing curriculums to include science, technology, engineering and mathematics for better student training.

When we talk about technology and STEM careers, robotics take the center stage. Designing, programming and machine learning has become the most important skill required in the industry. Robotics for kids is one of the most sought-after additions to innovative classrooms. Learning robotics involves many hands-on activities that clarify concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Space Trek conducts camps with wide variety activities around robotics for kids. When students learn robotics with Space Trek, they are not only developing technical capabilities but working on their problem-solving skills. Our classes involving robotics for kids are based on teamwork helping students to develop collaboration skills that are required in every profession that they choose to pursue.

While teaching robotics for kids, its essential to create simulations that are industry-like in order to build relevant challenges for them and to help them better understand the requirements that the industry has from a robotics expert. Nothing could prepare them better for the future than when they learn robotics skills like a professional and that have immediate application in the various industries.

In Space Trek’s class of Robotics for kids, children design their own robot and programme it to perform specific tasks. As they better learn robotics principles, they practice to run their robots and assign them different jobs and map the success ratio of their instructions and achievements of the robots. When they have successfully tested their robots, students are divided into teams that compete against each other.

As a real-life simulation Space Trek robotics challenge takes place on a huge Martian surface replica. Students are not allowed to see their robots in action; their only window of observation is the camera mounted on top of the robot that lets them see the path that the rover is following. This puts them in shoes of NASA experts who work with robots on Mars and everywhere else in space while handling them remotely and successfully performing functions required of them. They are later encouraged to see the Martian replica to find how they could have performed better.

Learn Robotics with Space Trek for:

1. A complete experience of Space rovers and robotic arms

2. Enhancing creative thinking

3. Polishing motor skills

4. Improving programming knowledge

5. Developing social skills

Prioritising robotics for kids in curriculums or as a summer camp activity can help a child delve deeper into the world of STEM careers and choose wisely or simply widen his/her horizon of understanding of how everything functions.

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