Sell and purchase Gold bars and Gold nuggets Online

The Company prioritizes its customers’ interest and ensures safe and easy delivery of the customer’s precious products at their doorstep.

Gold is a mark of prosperity and purity. While buying gold, one needs to be well aware of the quality of the Gold, its market value and also having a little information about seller add on to the benefit for the buyer. With tons of companies out in the market ensures free and safe delivery of Gold bar, Gold Nuggets when a purchase of such items is made online, only a few can be completely relied upon the promises they’ve made to the potential customers.

In this era of globalization, it is not possible for everyone to physically visit a jewelry store and purchase an item. Therefore, Atlantic Gold & Diamond Limited, a company based in Buea, Sud-Ouest, Cameroon has been delivering its services to all its potential customers for more than over 20 years. The company follows traditional believes when it comes to the relation between the company and its customers. Unlike other companies luring the customers with fake promises, Atlantic Gold & Diamond Limited ensures that only genuine product is delivered to all its customers with proper safety and insured transit.

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Gold Bars also called as Gold Bricks and Gold Nuggets are purchased and sold by Atlantic Gold & Diamond Limited. The company acts as a platform for potential buyers and sellers who want to purchase and sell their gold bars and Gold nuggets.  The company offers most economic pricing of its products with safe and insured transit at your doorstep.

Atlantic Gold & Diamond Limited strongly believe that all its potential customers and every other individual should be well aware of various precautions that are needed to be taken while purchasing or selling any precious items online. The following are few most important measures that every individual should be aware of:

  1. How pure is your ornament – The purity of gold is always measured in karats. The 24 karat gold is said to be 99.9% pure and 22 karat gold is 92% pure. Each one karat gold is equivalent to 4.2% pure gold.
  2. Buy Back Money – Many jewelers offer their customers the option to buy back guarantee, under which a person can exchange his old jewellery item with a new one. As the jewellery designs generally change with time, the price of gold remains constant. Thus, an option of buyback money to the customer can benefit in a long run.
  3. Jewellery stores- Old and New –Buying any gold jewellery from small jewellery stores could be a risky job as they might use impure gold. It is always beneficial to visit a reputed jewellery store to purchase any gold item.
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