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Astrology plays a big part in our lives today. With the truth of the world that there exists a connection between us and the planet’s position, we have been increasingly resort our interest in finding out the possibilities of making it better. One of the highly discussed planets in this respect is Saturn. Saturn is the slowest moving planet known for its special role that has guided our lives. Saturn or the ‘Shani’ is a very significant impact in our lives with its various effects ruling us. The planet being an indicator of good or bad times has been guiding our health, money, prosperity, sorrow, happiness, delays, ambition, leadership, good luck, wisdom, integrity and even mindfulness. Hence it is wise to know what a shani dosh can do.

Shani dosh and its effects

Shani dosh or the Saturn effect is highly regarded as the most unwelcome time for our lives. Its presence in the 12th, 1st, 2nd and even 4th house is known to cause trouble to the native. Being a giver and a taker when the period of trouble for the native starts the Shani dosha often pulls out every positive thing out of their life. As Shani is again a slow moving planet, it takes as long as 7 and half years for the bad time to pass. A person affected by the Shani dosh or Saturn effect is often seen to have lost his wisdom, money, prosperity and even fails in majority of things he does.

Shani dosh nivaran

Of course when a person has to deal with problems where he cannot make out anything of his life, he will try to seek in measures to make his life better. And with the insights of the astrologers there are ways to get rid or sometimes lower the impact of Saturn on their lives to help them survive. This process is called Shani dosh nivaran upay. With the help of some religious offerings, chanting of mantra, praying to the god on Saturdays, it is believed that the Saturn effect gets reduced and makes the person have a better life.

The ‘Shani dosha Nivaran mantra’

The Vedic astrologers have approved that there exists the Shani Dosha Nivaran Mantra the chanting of which is known to reduce the effect of the planet Saturn on them and helps them bring better days. The mantra is accessible easily from these sages and inculcated in daily life for the chanting and peace of mind. The Shani Purana or the Holy book of Saturn specifies the Shani Dosh Nivaran Mantra as:

Nilanjana Sama Bhasam Raviputram Yama Grajam ||

Chhaya Martanda Sambhootam Tam Namami Shanaishcharam ||

The repeated chanting of this mantra especially on Saturdays after offering prayers to the god of Saturn, one can find peace within. After repeated days they shall find that they are able to functions their work better and are able to cope up with their life. Astrology serves as the best partner for getting the right remedies for your daily problems, just a need to take a step ahead and seek for it!

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