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The progress of a nation depends on every individual citizen. The Indian government has made significant efforts to make electricity available for all and we at Gramlite have supported this mission whole-heartedly. Our entrepreneur program is meant for all and it primarily focuses on skill development. By making people self-dependent, a lot can be achieved. Some villagers don’t know how to build a homemade led tube light and we impart proper education to them. Once the basic concepts become clear to them, the rest becomes easy. These lights are used to supply electricity and remove darkness from the lives of people.

The need to conserve energy is tremendous now, as non-renewable sources are depleting fast. Gramlite aims to make India more progressive and important steps are taken in that direction. All villages must be electrified and this long journey should begin with small steps. Make Led Light Bulb and take control of your future. There are ample opportunities and you just need to focus in the right areas. LED lights are used for different purposes and the main reason behind their popularity is their energy-efficiency. These bulbs consume very little energy and produce the desired result. Villagers have to take an active role in the economic landscape, as they are capable of bringing a big change.

Contribution is needed from each section of the society and this is what drives growth. Gramlite has been successful in making an innovative economic model, which benefits the villagers. They do their part and get instant results. The development drive is generated in an efficient way and the market for the manufactured products is already present. By learning how to build a homemade led tube light, the villagers can involve themselves in a big program that has many players. Skill development is extremely essential and it is required for survival. LED lamps can now be manufactured easily and all the resources are supplied by us.

From tube lights to flood lights, a diverse range of products can be manufactured. India’s lighting scenario still requires heavy improvement as Incandescent lamps are used in most cases. These lights are not energy-efficient and the intensity is very low. Proper lighting is needed and this is why LED lights are so vital. Villagers make Make Led Light Bulb to create a better and brighter future. This is a new economic revolution and thousands of people are actively participating in this. offers a unique opportunity to village entrepreneurs. They can learn the basics of how to build a homemade led tube light and have a sustainable future.  Make Led Light Bulb and be a part of a smarter community.

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