The Ultimate Guide to Explore the Best of Key West on Florida Keys Vacation

Truman Annex, Short Term Vacation Rental Key West

One of the most beautiful Island City which a part of Florida Keys Archipelago, Key West is located just 90 miles north of Cuba and has impressive conch-style houses at Truman Annex, overseas highways with scenic views, world’s most beautiful coral reefs for Snorkeling & Scuba, Pristine Beaches with Serene atmosphere, and much more.

The Journey begins from the Ernest Hemingway’s Home and Museum as its the finest Spanish Colonial style mansion that was built in 1851 but still remains as beautiful as it used to be. The Home and Museum attracted a vast number of tourists and became a popular destination in recent years. As you go along the way, you would end up at Mallory Square, which is actually a Waterfront Plaza.

Facing the Gulf of Mexico, Mallory Square has events such as Sunset Celebration; as the sun starts going down behind the ocean, people start gathering at the Square and celebration begins with music, magicians, jugglers, delicious cuisines and adventures that are countless.

Without the Sun Private Charters, the fun is incomplete in the region. If the vacation doesn’t include any aquatic adventure, it won’t be considered as a vacation at all. Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Dolphin Watching, Sunset Cruises, Deep-sea Fishing, Bird-watching, Parasailing are some of the experiences that would turn your life upside down. Keep the reservations of Short Term Vacation Rental in Key West in advance as the demand for rentals are high in the region, and if you missed the place you really liked, it would affect your mood, and you won’t enjoy the whole vacation. Plan ahead, keep everything sorted and save yourself from the unnecessary trouble and cost as well.

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