SJR PrimeCorp Review – Why apartments are better than plots?

The whole world is running towards building apartments and flats to meet the on-going housing need of people. One could see tall housing projects with almost a thousand families living as a community along with more and more individual plots being occupied by flat builders.

Why there is so much demand and craving for apartments especially in larger towns and cities?

SJR PrimeCorp Bangalore review shows that apartment and flats are really a lot of money for builders rather than building a house in individual plots. It is a booming economy for builders and contractors, providing job opportunities for millions of small time brokers. SJR PrimeCorp Builder reviews highlights that fact that it is also seen as a money-flowing industry as more and more apartments and flats are being leased and rented out for corporate and official purposes as well.

In cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, apartments serve its purpose for housing commercial complexes and office spaces.

As per SJR PrimeCorp review, apartment owners and builders feel that it would be easier for them to channelize the resources and utilities to multi-storied flats than distributing the resources to individual plots. 

When we spoke to Mr. Arun, one of the leading builders in the city, he explained this, “I am comfortable with building multi-storeyed flats by all means. Even if I come up with three or four plots, scattered elsewhere in the city, I want go for building a bungalow, farm house, or a villa. I would prefer to raise tall flats. It’s easy for me to sell then in quick seconds…”

Well, what the speedy life style and technology driven jobs need is an all-in-one type of residential project where people can share things, have access to their day-to-day needs and say good bye to their old fashioned separate houses. In below table SJR PrimeCorp reviews the advantages of buying apartments over plots.

Living as a community.Loneliness. One has to step out of the house to reach the people.
No maintenance overheads. Owners share the cost.Individually maintaining house is painstaking.
Immediate help when in emergency.Access to first aid, help very difficult.
Schools, colleges, shopping complexes nearby.Most of the plots located away from schools and colleges or in a congested area.
Transportation and commuting distance is shorter.One has to take a long ride for reaching office.
Modernity and technology is at our hands.Even modernized plots have difficult ac cess to technology.

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