Solar flagpole lighting: Brighten your flag with a solar array

The flagpole is merely a pole on which a piece of fabric called flag is hoisted and displayed. It is also known as Flagstaff, flag terminus, flag beam etc. on the other hand, this flagpole can be used to light up more than simply a flagpole, which is named as flagpole lighting. If you want to brighten your flag choose the perfect location for the flagpole and set it with hard-wired lighting set if electricity is available. There are a variety of flagpole styles and flagpole voltages. The lower voltage yields only less energy and higher voltage yield more energy to power the light. These flagpoles must be installed by an electrician as more voltage is dangerous to work with it.

If you want to display the flag for the whole day, there are a variety of flagpole lights furnished with photosensor which will automatically illuminate from dusk to dawn. Flagpole lighting installation has different types such as sectional flagpole and telescoping flagpole.  Sectional flag poles are poles with 5 separate pieces that can be attached together while fixing. A telescoping flagpole is easily removed while storage or for repairing it.

The common type of flagpole lighting is ground level installation. The brightness of the lighting depends on your personal fondness. Three lights around a single pole give the best result. Substantially flagpole lighting is equipped with halogen bulbs as they give glow brighter than incandescent bulbs. In order to save the energy, LED lightings are used because of its energy efficient and eco-friendly nature.

When the flagpole location doesn’t have electricity facility then solar flagpole lighting is the best option. A solar flagpole light is solely bulb comes along with a solar panel. This panel grabs solar energy from the sun and converts this energy into electrical energy for night lighting. Nowadays solar lights are more accessible one, so they are not much expensive. Since it is solar operated, it supports a green environment.

The main advantage of this flagpole is that it requires less maintenance. Installation of the flagpole is the only process. Solar flagpole lighting is easily admired from a long distance and it will draw more positive attention towards the flag. Solar flagpoles are conventional lighting and it will never run out. It is better than other flagpoles as they are freely available. Thus, there has never been a better time to think about Solar power.

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