Some ‘must know information’ about jack post and mono post

Much needed information about the varied posts such as the mono post, Lally columns and also the jack posts, is highly required for you in case you are working in an organization that is indulged in the production and manufacturing of the same. But, do you really know the exact difference between them? There exists a need for you to know the difference between these two just because majority of the people find these two very similar and are also confused on distinguishing between these two.

The Lally columns, jack post and the mono posts are the ones which are used to act continually as the columns supporting the weight bearing that can either be a temporary one or the permanent one. Those beams which are bearing the weight have a physical appearance of being round and also are steel walled. These are highly significant for carrying a particular kind of weight or load. The Lally columns are also prominently considered as the steel column, lollie column and also sometimes as the fixed length column. It can easily be used not only for the temporary structural projects but also for the permanent structural projects, however due to its fixed size; it is highly great as well as perfect for the permanent structural projects.

Mentioning about the mono post, it is also called as the adjustable building support column, teleposts as well as the red-I-Posts. You can easily adjust their height or the length but it is quite limited, i.e. upto 12 feet and apart from this, it is also accompanied with a good number of uses. The nut and the screw need to be adjusted in a highly well manner and also they should be adjusted at the footer especially. Apart from that, in order to support the frame, a saddle plate is also required that shall be placed at the top in order to secure the column and on the other hand, mentioning about the bottom, an end plate is going to be placed there. These specifications and the varied locations would lead to the utmost removal of especially the lateral movement.

Also, the jack post is highly adjustable but its length’s adjustment has to be done depending upon the length that is limited upto 12 feet only. On comparing this post with the other support columns, these are considered to be the ones which are the weakest due to their being accompanied with the localized loading.

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