South texas eye center: What to know about laser and lasik eye surgery?

Those who are eager to try out laser or Lasik eye surgery should first undertake proper research about it.


Custom Vue Lasik surgery is considered to be a term that is becoming fast popular among people across the globe, especially those who want to correct their vision and enjoy normal vision. Lasik is actually an acronym which means laser in-situ keratomileusis. It also means using laser for reshaping the cornea, known as the keratomileusis, using laser present under corneal flap or in-situ. Laser which is used to conduct this procedure can help treat such vision problems as well as refractive errors and to allow the patient to live requiring to use contact lenses or glasses. South texas eye center is the right place to carry out Custom Vue Lasik eye surgery.

The fact is there are many people not aware about what cornea is all about. It covers the eye, while being transparent. This lasik eye surgery san antonio type is being used from more than 1991. However, the lives of people in huge numbers have witnessed major changes. Using this surgical process, people no more have to depend upon contact lenses or glasses or require any aides. Hence, lasik or laser eye surgery is indeed a remarkable as well a blessing for people in general.

While undergoing this procedure type, a qualified and certified eye surgeon of South texas eye center cut a flap or piece in corneal area. It permits the physician to reach corneal tissue. The professional would first do the necessary work to have the cornea fixed in position and place the flap properly without requiring stitches.

People are generally surprised to know that lasik eye surgery san Antonio is able to help rectify common eye issues like farsightedness and nearsightedness. Custom Vue Lasik surgery does provide relief to patients suffering from astigmatism. Those suffering from nearsightedness can find this procedure to be quite ideal. The physician will also flatten the cornea if the same is found to be extremely steep. Again if the patient is found to be farsighted, then the cornea will be steepened by the physician. Those suffering from astigmatism can get their cornea to be normal and smooth as possible with this procedure.

Those who are of the opinion that this surgery type will be best suited for their eye issues, and then it becomes essential to select a good eye physician. The physician will go through the medical history to ensure that the patient is a good candidate for this particular lasik eye surgery type.

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