Specific models for women

Though we made a specific geometrical model for women and are based on the average size of the female body. We tried to frame the bike with a small arm and longer legs. That means decreased stem length of the tubes along with the shorter top tube. In simple words, our female bikes are shorter than the traditional bike. Along with this, the frame tubes are made slimmer along with slim grips. This will reduce stretching and provide a comfortable rider for shorter ones.

Along with this, our ladies bike is designed with cushion where necessary, our seats are designed to reduce pressure on the delicate and sensitive parts.

Our road bikes are designed for those who like to choose it for high speed and long distance etc. It’s also suitable for giving out calories and maintain a fit body. These bikes are supplied with wider tires, strong frame, gearing for carrying heavy loads easily etc. Our folding mountain bikes is the best option for the off-road travel as it is equipped with soft tail suspension. Thus it absorbs extreme shock and helps for traveling in different path conditions. On talking about the expensive category, our folding bike are at the high-end price and are have extreme durability. The strong and highly rigid frame is made up of Folding Integrated Technology(FIT). Its quick-folding feature allows the user to fold the bike within 30 seconds and can be reduced to half of the original size.

As the motive of our team is to provide riding facility to the people of different ages. Thus we provide the lowridger bikes too. These bikes are designed with the crank at the lower level than the traditional bike and are equipped with the long banana shaped seat and customized sissy bar.

Apart from these bikes, we have the electric driven bikes too. The bikes are the combination of the traditional bikes and an electric motor with rechargeable battery. It helps in carrying a heavy load without the effort required at the paddle.

We are one of the most dedicated brands of the women cycling. Thus we provide unique and innovative designs which while helping the women to achieve an extremely enjoyable journey. We are trying to provide the best products irrespective of the style or level of the traveler. Our bike facilities start from the budget one to the premium to provide full satisfaction to the traveler.

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