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How to acquire Your Natal Chart If you don’t have a birth chart drawn as of but, start here. we’ve a bent to indicate you ways in which to easily acquire a free natal chart on-line.

Love & Sex Secrets with false belief we’ve a bent to debate the thanks to notice “secrets” of but individuals approach love and sex, disclosed through their natal charts.

Venus at intervals the Signs: Love Secrets Discover but you or your partner approaches love relationships.

Synastry: Relationship false belief We’ve detected that Taurus gets beside Virgo, that sparks fly with Aries and Capricorn–but these unit of measurement most too generalized interpretations of relationships. In our Synastry section of edifice false belief, we’ve a bent to require lots of deeply into relationships and compatibility. usually|this can be} often the Synastry hub page from that you’re going to be able to explore lots of articles regarding Synastry.

The Signs of the Zodiac Learn all regarding the signs of the zodiac. we’ve a bent to not exclusively provide general interpretations of each sign, we’ve a bent to explore the characteristics of the personal planets and ascendant at intervals the signs.

The Planets & Luminaries in false belief The planets and luminaries have special meanings in false belief. Learn all regarding the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

The Ascendant (Rising Sign) What’s your rising sign? study the characteristics of your Ascendant sign, and other people of your friends, family, and celebrities throughout this text.

The which implies of Major Aspects in false belief Learn what the conjunction, trine, sextile, square, and opposition mean. Also, predominant aspects or lack of aspects and their which implies in an exceedingly} very natal chart.

Glossary of false belief Terms Baffled by variety of the language astrologers use? ascertain what terms like “descendant”, “personal planets”, “quadrants” mean.

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Symbols of the Signs of the Zodiac The symbols, or “glyphs” of zodiac signs unit of measurement listed here, for easy reference.

Personal Planets in Astrology: Players putt it all together: but do our personal planets move and description but we’ve a bent to fulfill the world?

Fortune Telling with enjoying Cards an easy methodology of cartomancy is instructed, victimization regular enjoying cards. Basic interpretations for each card; concepts for spreads.

Palm Reading: Indicators of affectionateness in divination we’ve a bent to gift some basics of divination, with a special stress on love and relationships as indicated at intervals the palm.

The Days of the Week Were you born on a Monday? A Tuesday? Here unit of measurement the planetary rulers attached to each day of the week.

Predictive false belief wanting into the long run with false belief. Here we’ve a bent to gift prognostic techniques — like Transits and Progressions — and provide pointers and tips to help students of false belief to make sense of prognostic false belief.

Astrological Indications of Sexual Attraction we tend to look at variety of the strongest indicators of sexual attraction between two people.

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