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Uniforms are an integral part of human civilization and since the beginning of the century; there is uniform in one or another way. Uniform is used to define for which organization you work. That is, uniforms play an important role in defining the sector we work for, that is; an individual will wear formal shirt and pants if he/she works for a corporate sector and if the individual works at a construction industry, he/she will wear appropriate clothes like a jump suit bearing all the compartments for placing tools and other equipment. Thus, it explains that uniforms are not only for representation purpose but also used as an effective tool used in one’s job. Individuals from different sectors wear different uniforms, according to their designation and working environment. This is an important point. The working environment is also responsible for deciding a uniform. If you are a firefighter, then you will not be wearing formal clothes like shirt and blazer to work. Yours is a tricky and dangerous job, you are surrounded by fire and other difficult conditions most of the time, and therefore the uniform of yours should be more like a protective agent rather than representing your job. Thus, uniforms are not only for representative purpose but also some uniforms are worn for safety purposes also.

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