Study and Work in Malaysia

Malaysia has become the top study destination for students all over the world. There are many universities with top grade teaching method that attracts most of the students. It is quiet challenging to study and work in Malaysia to support the education expenses. Most of the students opt to work while studying so that they can bear all the expenses of staying away from home. Most of the universities allow students to work and learn. Before you opt for studying in Malaysia, you need to know some important things.

Study and Work in Malaysia

Best Local Universities

Malaysia’s domestic universities are getting better and better as compared to Singapore, China, Hong Kong. The Malaya University, which is located in capital of Kuala Lumpur is ranked as 167th. It offers best education on computer science and engineering programs. Kebangsaan University in Bangi, which is close to Kuala Lumpur is best in law, engineering, politics, and mathematics. Choose the best one for yourself according to your needs.

Get an International Degree

You can easily get a UK, US, and Australian degree while studying in Malaysia. Most of the Malaysia’s investment in higher education is in growing partnership between universities of other countries. Most of the foreign universities like British and Australian have their branch campus in Malaysia. This becomes easy for students to get the international degree.

Study in a Lower Cost

Studying in UK and other countries is quiet expensive as compared to studying in Malaysia. Doing an undergraduate course in UK University would be double the amount as compared to doing the same course in Malaysia’s University. It has the same evaluation criteria, same module content, and the same marking scheme that makes you achieve the same degree but in a lower cost. The cost of living in Malaysia is cheaper as compared to UK. Hence, it is surely going to be beneficial to study in Malaysia.


Half of the population of Malaysia is Malay while quarter part is Chinese and only seven percent is Indian. Malay is the official language of Malaysia while English is well recognized and widely spoken. Due to this culture, it becomes the friendly foundation for most of the students to easily adjust in this country and feel home like. Students experience the different cultures and religions and enjoy being part of this multicultural country.

With the growing industries in Malaysia, you will find lot of vacancies for graduates who would wish to work in account, computer science, and biotechnology sectors. Most of the skilled graduates from Malaysian Universities are hired and are given good packages.

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