Successfully give support to your home by steel column

The steel column is required for use to support any major structure and can even exist on its own and serving attractive purposes. So before successfully determining about building a column footing, its main purpose has to be determined. If it is to be used for supporting a weighty structure, the measurements have to be correct. If it is to be used for attractive purposes then the measurements can be slightly supple.

  1. First of all, the design should be planned, it is the first step to assist stay on track when building and it also works as a reference point.
  2. The needed space has to be successfully gauged, the plan has to be drawn to level and motifs should be added to the design if necessary.
  3. The base can be of man shapes and round or square shape is not essential. The marked area is to be dug to the distance downward of at least one foot, for preparing the basement column
  4. Now, the plywood has to be cut and fastened to it using form. As a safety measure, a glove should be worn when the boards are being cut.
  5. A form has to be fastened on the outside of the frame for keeping the cement inside. The panels have to be now coated with quick dry rubber cement and it should be given some time to set.
  6. Smooth cement should be used for sealing the frames below the edge and another layer of graveled cement has to be distributed into the hole.
  7. The next step is to place the column footing and allow it to set. After that, the frame can be removed and the column should be left to air-dry. If there are gaps, smooth cement can be used for sealing the holes.

It can also be brushed with masonry brush for keeping it smooth, it can be even given the coat of paint. Or else, it can be left as it is for a natural look. Lastly, the point to remember is that this should be a comparatively easy and calm project. One can feel free to be creative and experiment with different ideas. With these steps to build a column footing, it will serve as a helpful and useful guide to build a beautiful structure that will surely impress the neighbors.

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