Sustainability Features at Northern Star – Flats for Sale in Thanisandra


There are several reasons behind popularity of CoEvolve Northern Star thanisandra and one of them is the sustainability features they have included in their 2bhk apartments for sale in Thanisandra & 3bhk flats for sale in Thanisandra, Bangalore. Let us go through details of some of the important sustainability features you will find in these flats for sale in Bangalore North.

Sustainability Features in Affordable Apartments for Sale in Thanisandra

Advanced Water Treatment

CoEvolve Northern Star has implemented a system where grey water (treated) passes through a tertiary water treatment plant so that it can be made pure enough for drinking purpose.

Rainwater Harvesting

As per CoEvolve Northern Star Rain water harvesting helps in maximizing rain water utilization. This becomes possible through filtration and bulk storage, resulting in reduced water and electricity bills.

Water Softner

Another good thing about luxury apartments in North Bangalore is that they make use of water softener plant for treatment of incoming water from sources like tankers or bore wells.

Deep Bore Recharge Wells

Dry or abandoned bore wells present inside the property are planned to be transformed into deep bore wells for replenishing table of ground water through use of excess rainwater.

Ground Water Recharge

These flats in Thanisandra Main Road utilize a system where rain water runoff gets directed to deep recharge pits through multiple storm water drains to replenish ground water.



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