Tall flag pole climber service – Flag primer

collection-of-flagpoles-with-all-accessories-and-flags-1-638Flagging utilizes the positioning of the pure body and makes it improve the overall technique of the body to ascend a steep object. Flag climbing allows using the free-hanging feet to make the next move on the pole by reaching the next upper level and prevent a swing from barndoor in the tall flag pole service.

Climber service depends on the flag pole in the location and the quality of the pole. Services are held by holding the body posture and the movement of the body towards the direction. There are different types of flag pole services will vary by the types of flags.

Types of flag climbing based on the flags.

Flagging makes the smooth climbing by the moving quiver in climbing methods. Flag climbing is easier by the movement of foot stiffness towards the pole. The type of flag climbing is the rear flag and side flag. The two techniques are the basics for the climbing techniques used by the climber.

Rear flag

The method of rear flag climbing is at the most perpendicular to the standing leg, this method puts the free leg behind of the positioning body. Holds the climbing side of the pole and move forward by approaching the move on the opposite direction is the technique to follow while climbing the rear flag.

Side Flag climbing

Specialist climbers will use the respective foot against the pole to climb. They imagine as the whole wall pushing against towards them. This thought will hire up them towards the peak of the pole. The harder steps of every movement will take them upward as easier.

Flagging tips

The climbing methods and tips to follow are mentioned below. With both the rear and side flags keep your flagging leg as engaged and straight.

Use the directions of movement in rear flag climbing as leg foot and left leg to move on the direction of the left side and right foot and right leg for moving on the right side. The body position to be stable while moving on the corresponding direction.

In the side Flag pole climbing position, the leg straight to push the move with the foot. Use the Right hand and left foot to climb towards the right direction and Left hand and right foot to move towards the left side this type of flagging method in the foot will keep you from swigging out.

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