Tall Flagpole Service – Flagpole Installation and Instructions

Flagpole service is a company does servicing and installation of flagpoles. Our companies do tall flagpole service for various places like residents, non-profit organizations, hotels, the top of the buildings, government sectors. We are one of the most trustable companies in Michigan to get your work done within time and best quality of service.

We initially started our Business in a garage, started with the products such as steel tubes, toilet posts, fence and now to the flagpoles service. Later we moved from the garage to the office. We do manufacturing of flagpole service and their products.

We do services like paintings for flagpoles and installation of a flagpole, hardware maintenance, repair, internal repair problems, product delivery, etc. All this success happened only with the help of our clients and their support. Currently, we are available to deliver even hundred of large poles in a short period of time. We can customize the product in terms of service, material, and quality.

Flagpole climber climbs on the flagpole to do the flagpole service. When the flag is hoist and it gets stuck in the middle, just give us a call, we send you the professional Flagpole Climber to climb up and rectify the problem immediately. All the workers are professionally and well trained persons handled many clients and customers around Michigan and rest of the places.

In tall flagpole service, we do painting in a flag when it gets old or repaired. The lighting needed for the flag can also be fixed. In case of service needs for the same can also be done by them.

For a residential flagpole, you can directly buy the products from us; we do supply the materials directly to your resident and send the professionals for installation. Flagpole Climber come to your place and helps you to find the correct place for the installation of the flagpole. Some important instructions to be followed during installation such as flag should fly freely without any disturbance of trees or building should not get stuck with the underground or overhead lines should not cross with the branches of the tree, should not cross any lines. Once you choose the place, the tall flagpole service assembles the flagpole as below.

First, he unwraps the shaft, and then he attaches the top truck unit and then screwball into the Truck unit. Later he Halyard Thread through the pulley and ties it. Now attach the cleat and install flag snaps on Halyard. Now the Flagpole is ready. Now attach the flag to the pole and make it fly with PRIDE. This will be the proud moment.

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