Tests Top Heart Specialists in Coimbatore Perform for Diagnosing Heart Problems

What are the tests to be performed if you are facing heart problems? Let us find answer to this question in this Heart center Coimbatore review.

Diagnostic Tests for Finding Heart Problems


Cardiac consultants in Coimbatore perform this non-invasive and painless test for recording electronic activity within the heart. Here, rhythm and beating of heart is analyzed as part of the test.

In addition, this test is also used for recording timing as well as strength of electrical signals passing your heart.According to cardiologist doctors in Coimbatore, the benefit of this test is that it helps in recognizing damage to heart because of CHD and symptoms of a heart attack.

Stress Test

As per best cardiac consultants in India, when your heart is beating faster and working harder, it is easier to find few heart problems. During this test, medicine is given for raising heart rate and proper examination can be performed.

During the test, heart specialists in Coimbatore will also be checking your blood pressure and also perform electrocardiogram.


It is also a non-invasive and painless test in which sound waves are used for creating heart’s moving picture. Using this test, Dr. Om Prakasham and other heart specialists in Coimbatore are able to check shape as well as size of the heart.

In addition, they are able to analyze sections of heart where poor blood flow is taking place, part of your heart muscle which are not working properly, and any injury to heart because of poor blood flow.




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